five second reviews


11 Words. 5 Seconds. 11 Foxes.

The average person speaks 130 per minutes. That makes 11 words in five seconds.
But will it enough to give a review? Let’s find out. Short, on point and enough to prove a point. (But brace yourself for many Hyphens. MANY Hyphens!)

The fox-system is a scale to support the five-second reviews a bit. Up to 11 foxes (Do you see a pattern in here?) can be earned.

#4 Captain Marvel (Movie) 2019
Female Power-movie. Jude Law is perfection. classic 90s-vibes. I want Goose.
9 Foxes

#3 How to train your dragon (3) – Hidden world (Movie) 2019
worthy finale. Warm sadness. Villain reflects Hero. Beautiful soundtrack. Finally Nightfury-Babies!
10 Foxes

#2 Dear Evan Hansen (TCG-Edition aka Script for the Musical)
social anxiety / social media. Poor Baby-Connor. Heartbreaking Plot-twist. Best Requiem ever.
11 Foxes (+ 1000 more. Fight me if you don’t think so!)

#1 Isn’t It Romantic (Movie)
2019 Netflix-Movie. No significant other needed. Rom-Coms are scary. Hilariously adorable.
7 Foxes