Make a cut and move on

Hi you, it’s me!

I know, I know. It’s been far too long since there was any news here. Truth is the same as always: No time, No idea and No motivation.

So again this is one of those „What’s going on?“-posts that try to keep you updated and one my side trying to organize my thoughts, plans, and ideas.

First thing (You might already realize it) is the change of language. For the last few months, I studied in England and I loved it. So changing this blog from German to English might be my useless attempt to cling to my life in England and the desperate try not to lose all of the language skills I may or may not have earned back there.

The second thing is the „five seconds review“.
The average person can speak 130 words per minute. Which means roughly 11 words in five seconds. I use this for quick reviews because let’s face it: Most of the time I just won’t write a complete review. And like this, I can review most of the media I’m consuming without sacrificing sleep.

So when I have a bit time nowadays, I’m going to update this blog, change the design, the setting and mess with everything. Just think of a sneezing chameleon and it might be less annoying.

Oh and I’ll keep the name even though it’s a complete tongue twister in English.  To my dear English readers: I’m sorry but deal with it.

So have fun and please try to be not too judgy.

Love, Anna

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